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Millennium 3, year 3*
How will you be seeing it in?
(*From the 'predominantly Christian, predominantly Western' calendar point of view.)

After planning precisely nothing until two days ago, I am now planning to tag along with a bunch of friends tonight as we do a pub and flat crawl around the trendy environs of Moseley. It's bound to be better than last year's clubbing disappointment, and it means I can stagger home afterwards without needing a taxi. Hurrah! Happy New Year!

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The Christmas number one that never was. But surely this would have defeated the object of Popstars - The Rivals?
Incidentally, it was very interesting watching (cd):uk's compilation of 2002 yesterday. I noticed a familiar face as one of Enrique's two backing singers when he was doing 'Hero' back in Feb/March. It was none other than Daniel Pearce, now of One True Voice. I hadn't realised he had TV experience already, but it explains why he's so good.

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Someone in BBC scheduling should be bashed over the head with a Christmas cracker. What are they playing at tonight at 9pm? Ab Fab's new 'Gay' episode on BBC One, and sexual gay drama on BBC Two. What's a gay boy to do? (Answer = watch Ab Fab and tape No Night Is Too Long, as Ab Fab will be on again sometime for the purposes of catching on video.)

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And maybe, just maybe, sometime in January, I'll tidy up all the loose ends, like the complete list of number ones.
I may also finish telling the story of my weekend in London at the start of November, how it has taken on a new poignancy since the death of my Gran, and how this picture links the two:

I may also explain these adverts for dentistry and Stella Artois and discuss Marcus's aversion to having his photo taken:

But I wouldn't bet on it.

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A queen's Christmas message

So, I guess this is the time I post my jolly Christmas message? Well, I don't feel like it. Christmas is going to be more shit than ever this year, and apart from anything else, it's not even bloody cold. How can it be Christmas Eve when it's as warm as September outside, and just a bit drizzly? I demand frost, at the very least, or I'm not joining in. We'll be scattering my Gran's ashes on Boxing Day, around the war memorial in the Warwickshire village where she grew up, so Christmas isn't going to be a barrel of laughs. I'm looking forward to it about as much as your average turkey. That doesn't mean I don't wish you all a good time - of course I do.

Oh, and if you only watch one drama on TV this Christmas (and you missed it last festive season), watch C4's Shackleton. It was bloody brilliant, so good in fact that I'll probably watch it again.

I'm also bracing myself for the possibility that French & Saunders may not seem that funny this year. The two programmes they're spoofing, namely Monarch Of The Glen and Tipping The Velvet, just happen to be two that I've never watched, so the references may be lost on me. Oh well.

May all your presents be as cool as my car:

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Pete Waterman - not dead

Just like Frank Bruno and Andrew Lloyd-Webber's hollow promises to leave the country if Labour won the general election, it seems the Overlord of Pop was lying far.

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If you're feeling as miserable as I am, you might be cheered by this wonderful news story today.. There is cause for faith in humanity after all. The spirit of Christmas indeed.

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My Gran died suddenly yesterday lunchtime. My last remaining grandparent, at the age of 82, but seemingly in fine health. She had a stroke while at the hairdresser's and couldn't be revived. I'm at my Mum's now. Just thought I'd explain why I'll be a bit quiet (again) for a bit.

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Chig meets Dermot!

Yesterday, Clotheshow! Full transcript of the conversation on here later (possibly). Swoon.

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Familiar boi

Doesn't Avril Lavigne's new single, 'Sk8r Boi', remind you of Tiffany's 'I Think We're Alone Now'? (There's a dance version of that timeless classic around at the moment too.)

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She wuz robbed!

The online poll on the official Popstars - The Rivals website shows 33% think Javine was the best performer on Saturday night, with the next highest figure being 19%. In truth, she wasn't the best (that was possibly Sarah), and it wasn't one of her best performances either, but she's still the best singer of the six girls who were left. I think it shows that previous performances count for nothing on Popstars, and you'll be judged on one song, but even so, Cheryl or Kimberley should have been going home, not Javine. I think she may end up counting her blessings though. She's the only one who could make it solo, and now she has a chance, rather than the six months in the limelight that the stupidly named Girls Aloud will have before they implode. Besides, Javine is taller than all the others. It would have made the photos look funny.

PS. The girls' single is a new song called 'Sound Of The Underground'. It's three minutes of them making rumbling noises, while singing 'mind the gap' over the top. The b-side is a cover of East 17's 'Stay Another Day', itself a Christmas number one.

PPS. The first 'product' from any 'Rivals' contestant hits the shops today. It's the Cheeky Girls! Their video is fab! And the song's annoyingly catchy, in a Whigfield kinda way. Will it beat Robbie and Eminem, also releasing singles today?

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