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Let's ABBA heated debate!

Next week, Tuesday 6th April to be precise, is the 30th anniversary of ABBA winning Eurovision in Brighton. Thirty years! Where did our lives go? To celebrate this momentous musical occasion, there is a new live DVD in the shops, as of yesterday. Sorry, there is, but that's not my point. We're going to have a vote! Hurrah! Your top ten ABBA songs (not necessarily singles), in the comments please. Do it now! (You can check the complete list of ABBA hits at, by putting 'ABBA' in the search page.) Feel free to include any album tracks you love though. Chig will present the countdown of results next week (if anyone's still reading).

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Foxy guy

Both of these men will be singing in Istanbul. One of them will be representing the UK in Eurovision. The other will just be pissed in a bar.

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