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Update: Glued to events in Athens

Chig is currently too preoccupied with watching Roman Sebrle in his lycra unitard and Tony Ally in his Speedos, to bother writing anything here. Except this bit:

The good news is that the new PC is 75% built (and looking fookin' ace!) thanks to the Gregster. The bad news is that the old PC has now been cannibalised and now has no power source, so Chig has no means of being on the net until the new one is ready (apart from the odd sneaky minute at work, like this today).

In other news, Chig also has a new car - a 2001 Nissan Almera. This is a substantial improvement on the 1989 Ford Escort which gave up the ghost after a not very strenuous weekend in Derbyshire in April. Air conditioning! Pollen filter! Automatic windows! Central locking! Curry hook! Yes, Chig has been dragged into the new motoring millennium. It was the curry hook which sold it to me. It's a hook (obviously) in the passenger side footwell, on which you can hang your bag of balti on a Friday night to avoid korma trauma in the car with curry spillage. Whoever invented it is a genius - and probably single - and deserves a knighthood. Except they're probably Japanese,so they can't have one.

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