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Big Bother

Damn those pesky housemates. Despite Ahmed's best efforts to screw it up, they've gone and passed the test, just to make me look stupid. I thought seriously about deleting yesterday's posting, just to save face, but what the heck! The irony here is that if Ahmed's selfishness and laziness HAD made them fail, as it looked like they were going to, he would now have five people in his debt and thanking him for saving them from eviction. Oh, it's so clever of BB - I love it. That aside though, Ahmed is being a complete and utter arsehole, isn't he? I'm not a violent person, but I really think I would have hit him by now. Him and Nadia are the two most annoying people left in the house (but not as annoying as sealboy Marco, obviously). They just don't LISTEN, and that, more than anything else, would drive me round the bend. I find I am getting far too involved while watching BB this year. I was getting really agitated watching Ahmed and Nadia tonight; they were both riling me enough to shout at the TV. But that's why this BB has been so compelling - the friction between so many opinionated people (plus Stuart, who has no opinions at all, on anything).

The most telling comment from Ahmed in the last two days was surely when he said that he didn't have to do what he was told, because, "This is my house too." No it's not, you idiot - it's Channel 4's house, and they can do what they like with you. He has completely lost sight of the fact that he's taking part in an entertainment/gameshow and now thinks he has a right to be there. Just walk out, you silly man, if you don't like it. Fingers crossed that the public makes that decision for him this week, and God help Davina when she tries to ask him why he is so belligerent. "Do you think, Ahmed, that you may have been more popular if you'd listened to other people's opinions?" "Why you asking me that? It's not fair. You picking on me Davina. I do not have to answer you. I have my own opinions and I not changing my mind. You are only a woman. Shall we have sex now?" Yeuch.

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Bye bye Jason!

Ha, ha, ha! To think, he was thrilled to be picked as one of the sergeants this week, but Michelle's choice of him has sealed his fate. Whatever you think of this year's Big Brother housemates, it's clear they are absolutely useless at working together and following instructions. Michelle and Jason will surely face the public vote due to the ineptitude of the rest of the team - a stroke of genius from Big Brother. And there's not a chance Jason will survive. Michelle's just too popular and he's turned into Mr Moody (after being one of my initial favourite two). Watch his face on Friday when Davina (or, more likely, some loudmouth knob in the crowd) tells him about Nadia. I can't wait.

Date for your diary: Friday 30th July. Chig will be LIVE at the Big Brother house, for the penultimate Friday eviction. In the week before, I'll be after your advice for my banner. I need your creative thoughts, but we'll have to wait and see who's up for eviction that week, so please come back.

Other news: the new PC is ordered, at last! Normal service may resume here sometime soon. Ish.

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