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Sacre bleu!

Of course, dear reader, you want to hear all the buzz from rehearsals and parties here in the land of Eurovisionia. However, I am too busy staring at this photo, which my friend, the lovely John Stanton, allowed me to take on his camera last night after my phone had battery death.

In the unofficial Hunks of Eurovision contest, here is last night's New Entry, straight in at number one, out of nowhere and fresh off a plane at the Russian party. We had no warning that such a vision of hunkiness would be turning up - and I suddenly like the French entry (ooh, madam!) a whole lot more. He's a backing singer for France's Jessy Matador. In the sad and lonely World of Chig, there are many totty points available for any of the following on a man:

1) short hair
2) a white vest
3) interesting tattoos
4) being French

A combination of all four sends my tottymeter into overdrive, so now I must go for a 'lie down'. Enjoy!

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