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Welcome to Eurovision final day! It's 11am here in Oslo and the sun is shining.

My second little Eurovision report for attitude magazine
went online yesterday, in which I've talked about the second semi-final and the UK entry tonight. Anyone can read the attitude reports, but if you're registered with them, you can also leave comments, so please feel free to do that.

Unless someone throws a cheap (or free) ticket in my direction this afternoon, I'll be watching night's final in the media tent next door to the arena, which I've never done before. I simply can't afford a ticket, so I've seen the show already by attending the first rehearsal for free yesterday. My certainty about Norway winning again has wavered only slightly. There was nothing at all wrong with Didrik's performance, it's just the uncertainty of the whole event. After Ukraine qualified on Thursday, we know anything can happen. (I was happy that I correctly predicted seven qualifiers, in a more difficult semi-final. Friends' scores ranged from six upwards, with just one Irishman in my friends' prediction competition getting nine. Sweden was the one he put in that didn't qualify.)

I've heard a staggering fifteen of tonight's songs described as the winner by fans and journalists here. That probably means it will be one of the ten that no one has mentioned (to me). It really is that wide open - the complete opposite of last year.

The show itself is slick and well-produced, the humour is good and the flash mob dance in the interval act is fascinating to watch. The crowd in the arena will participate in this by standing still with one arm in the air. You'll see what I mean. Enjoy the show!

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