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9 days to Oslo

Things to do while we're waiting for Eurovision.

Some of us need cheering up today. Especially those of us who reached the milestone this evening where the Prime Minister is younger than we are, for the first time in our lives. (Five months and three days, since you ask, but even without photoshopping, Babyface Callmedave still looks about a decade younger than I do.)

And those of us who can't believe we have a fucking Tory Prime Minister again.

Here he is, entering number 10 this evening. That's the number 10 where I live, not the other one.

To this end (ie. the cheering up thing), why not visit the lovely Jamie's Boom-Bang-A-Blog and enter his competition, like I have? He's asked people to design the outfit that UK Eurovision entrant Josh Dubovie will wear on stage in Oslo. Jamie's a proper journalist, so I imagine he holds proper sway with people at the BBC and it's 99% certain that the winner's design will be implemented. Deffo.

Anyway, here's my design. I can't do photoshop, but I'm a dab hand with google, scissors and glue.

Now, pedants and unfashionable people may claim that it is entirely derivative and unoriginal. However, I defy anyone to find an occasion where these three 'pieces' have been worn before in this ravishingly edgy combination.

Furthermore, the wearers of these items du mode finished first, first again and thirteenth in Eurovision, giving an average of fifth, thereby virtually guaranteeing Josh a top five finish.

Go on, you know you want to.

Body may not be model's own.

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