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Tomorrow's Eurovision qualifier: Chig's predictions


I'm glad I held back until after reading the reports of today's two, public rehearsals. (All Kinds Of Everything and Nick's OnEurope report, which made me laugh out loud at least three times. He's commenting live, first on the postcards between the songs, then on the performances.)

I have therefore been forced to put Belgium into the ten qualifiers. I think it's boring, and I have told my Belgian friend this several times too often in the past ew weeks, again yesterday at his birthday party and again today at the cinema. However, not only is Belgium's show reported to be 'big in the hall', but my parents, quite independently, have picked the song as a favourite from the CD which I forced them to play. Gadzooks! Are the Krazy Mess Groovers the new Tanel & Dave stroke Olsen Brothers?

Cue the Te Deum! Here are my ten predicted qualifiers. It's been very, very hard to decide and I reserve the right to change my mind tomorrow. (Figures in brackets are the position in the running order.)

UPDATE on Friday 11/05/07:
The countries which qualified are now in bold. I predicted six correctly here and seven after watching the live show, as I put Hungary and Bulgaria in (both correctly) and took Belgium out. Unfortunately, I took FYR Macedonia out as well.

1st (15) Serbia
2nd (28) Latvia

3rd (21) Andorra
4th (26) Turkey
5th (04) Belarus
6th (25) Slovenia

7th (20) Malta
8th (08) Switzerland
9th (24) Belgium
10th (18) FYR Macedonia
11th (22) Hungary
12th (03) Cyprus
13th (14) Poland
14th (01) Bulgaria
15th (12) Denmark
16th (09) Moldova
17th (10) Netherlands
18th (02) Israel
19th (05) Iceland
20th (17) Portugal
21st (06) Georgia
22nd (19) Norway
23rd (07) Montenegro
24th (16) Czech Republic
25th (11) Albania
26th (13) Croatia
27th (27) Austria
28th (23) Estonia

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