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Dean & Gerry, you have been spotted!

And I'm glad someone else believes Latvia can win too. I currently think it's between Ukraine and Latvia on Saturday, depending on Latvia's draw (and assuming they get through tonight), with Serbia coming close again. The bookies now have Ukraine as clear favourite, with some odds as low as 4-1, while Belarus are now up into second and Serbia down to third. Sweden and Switzerland are next in the betting, followed, rather pleasingly, by Bulgaria in sixth. (A week ago, Serbia, Sweden and Switzerland were all joint favourites at 6-1.) Latvia seems like an excellent each way bet to me (for a top 4 placing). I got them at 25-1, but they are available at 40-1 with some bookies - and as low as 16-1 with one other. Please don't waste money on my advice though. Other gambling activities are available.

My Midlands chums Dean and Gerry appear in this with 1:33 left. I'll be quite happy for Sweden to win again if the bloke at 1:42 left is going to be there. Cute!

WARNING: Don't watch this if it annoys you when people refer to Ukraine as 'the Ukraine'.

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