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It's MYMU day!

We're hoping for a French win today, especially the 12.5% of my blood that is French, but that's for Cyndi in Making Your Mind Up, not the French rugby team in the Six Nations! There should also be an England rugby win, for Kyran Bracken in the Dancing On Ice final. The bookies have him as 1-13 favourite, meaning it's not worth betting. You'd have to bet 13 pounds to win one back, plus your stake. (Thank you to Tara Palmer-Tomkinson for winning me £8.13 profit last night on a five pound bet which I placed when there were four people left in the Fame Academy. I will do the decent thing and give it to Comic Relief.)

My 37.5% Irishness would like to wish you a Happy St. Patrick's Day. Happy Mothers' Day for tomorrow too. It's all go this weekend, as we spend most of today in front of the telly for rugby, MYMU and DOI and then out tomorrow for a Mothers' Day meal with the extended family.

It's been hard to avoid tonight's Making Your Mind Up already this morning. Firstly, Justin Hawkins was interviewed about it on Radio 5 Live. (Today is also his 32nd birthday. I hope he doesn't get the present he's clearly expecting.)

Then Popworld on Channel 4 had all the MYMU contenders in a lecture theatre situation. I only caught the end of it, but I think they were being given 'Eurovision lessons'. Alex Zane showed them a clip of Daz Sampson performing last year and asked them all if they could see what was wrong with it. Justin Hawkins replied, "Apart from him being a talentless waste of skin?". Ooh, get you!

(Popworld is repeated at 08:55 GMT tomorrow, Sunday, on C4.)

Justin Hawkins was also singing on Comic Relief's Top Gear programme last night, as well as appearing as a panellist on The Wright Stuff earlier in the week.

The only other contender I've seen is Brian Harvey in the audience for Fame Academy about a week ago. If Hawkins & Brown win tonight, I can't help thinking the others only have themselves to blame for not trying a bit harder with the media.

Have you seen or heard any of the other MYMU acts publicising themselves?

Fingers crossed for Cyndi tonight, whose odds are shortening rapidly with the bookies (according to Radio 5 Live) as people gradually realise she's our best chance of success in Helsinki.

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