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And the winner is............. Cyndi!

Er, no, sorry, it's actually Scooch.

Chig has woken up still shuddering at the embarrassment and horror of last night's Making Your Mind Up announcement. (I also have 'Loch Lomond' going around in my head, in a homage to Cyndi.) Poor, poor Cyndi. Three seconds of elation before she's told that she hasn't won after all. Cruel.

On a positive note, Scooch's performances were excellent and the two 'superfinal' contestants, Scooch and Cyndi, were exactly the two who I'd bet on, so I was happy with that. Five quid at 6-1 on Scooch equals 30 pounds, thank you very much. It would have been £45 for Cyndi though and she also deserved to win.

Brian Harvey and Liz McClarnon shouldn't have been too surprised that they were the first to walk; Dancing On Ice hadn't finished until after they had performed, so I doubt if many people saw them.

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