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They tried to make me go to rehab, I said no, no, no, let me do MYMU instead

Brian Harvey - forced out of East 17 after giving too much information in a radio interview about his E usage.

Big Brovaz - sacked one of their members after a 'drugs scandal'.

Justin Hawkins - forced out of his own brother's band and admitted to cocaine addiction.

Welcome to Making Your Mind Up!

Liz McClarnon, Scooch and Cyndi - never been near any drugs in their lives.

It's interesting to note that neither the BBC's press release this morning nor the BBC News coverage mentioned a date. Most of us had assumed that it would be 10 March because it can't be this weekend (3 March) as it's too late. All countries have to submit their songs at the Eurovision Heads of Delegation meeting on Monday 12 March, so that only left Saturday 10 March (when there was a MYMU shaped hole in the schedule as of last week) or possibly Sunday 11 March.

Tonight though, this BBC profile of the contestants reveals the date to be 17 March! Have we been given 'special dispensation' to submit our song late? (UPDATE: Yes, we have.) This page also reveals that Lordi will be there, keeping up the tradition of the Eurovision winner appearing in all four MYMUs. Lordi aren't appearing at any other national finals, unlike previous winner Helena Paparizou, who toured quite a few last year. There'll be no more queuing in the cold outside TV Centre; this time the show is in a studio in Maidstone, with an audience of a thousand and a 'new look' that includes ditching Natasha Kaplinky-plonky and her fabulous shoes in favour of last year's UK vote-giver Fearne Cotton. (Who can forget her 'metal' hand gesture as she gave Lordi our douze points?) The male presenter looks vaguely familiar. He should be pleased that the show is taking place on St. Paddy's Day, especially as it's also the final day of the Six Nations rugby union championship, which will probably see Ireland sealing their victory on the best possible date.

So, which song's your winner?

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