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That sounds terribly disappointing to me.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

I've just checked the Radio 1 chart update page, eager to see where Josh Dubovie's Eurovision entry is in the midweeks, and it isn't in the top 40 at all. Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised, after Jade Ewen only made #27 last year, after weeks of publicity on Your Country Needs You, whereas Josh was on one atrocious hour-long programme two months ago - and I don't know if any radio stations, anywhere, are playing the single. Josh doesn't even exist on the hmv website, and the track is only listed on amazon as an album track from the Eurovision compilation, which seems to make the CD copy that the kindly BBC people gave me something of a rarity. iTunes has four versions of the track available, but that seems to be about the only place to buy it.

To miss the Top 40 completely would be a disaster, and unheard of in recent years for our Eurovision entry. There will be a surge of download sales on Saturday night, but will it be enough? Josh is a lovely lad - I'd like to see him with a hit.

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