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Ten years ago today...

Nicki French has reminded us on facebook that today is the tenth anniversary of the night she represented the UK in Eurovision. It was my first Eurovision abroad. I stayed with a Swedish friend in Stockholm for the week and had press accreditation for Gay Times. Saturday 13th of May was the culmination of a brilliant week. Mike and I sat for the final next to two young Swedish women. Not only were they delightful company, but one of them worked for a music website and I got some work out of it later, doing gig reviews from the V2000 festival.

Every chair in the Globen arena had a little Swedish flag on it when we arrived. So, after going a bit mad for Nicki at song three, by the time we got to the home nation's Roger Pontare at song eighteen, after spending so much time chatting to our new Swedish friends, I had practically become Swedish. I went a bit mad for the three minutes that Roger was on. I'm fairly sure some of it was spent standing on the chair!

Happy days. I've dug out my photos from Eurovision 2000 today and put them on facebook, including the one of Nicki on stage (above). Here's the obligatory YouTube footage of her performance, ten years ago tonight.

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