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Over-adherence to the rules

As the regular reader will recall, I wrote last month about the law which now requires any celebrity TV programme to include at least one person who Chig has met or photographed (or both). There's a list here. This evening's Come Dine With Me on C4 has matched the numbers on Celebrity Big Brother who adhered to this rule. Of the four celebrity hosts, Chig has met and chatted to not one, not two, but three of them:

Edwina Currie. Met once, at Birmingham Pride.

Christopher Biggins.
Met once, at a Mr Gay UK final. Told him how his name had caused me 'issues' at school. People who know me will understand that. Anyone else may be baffled.

Phil Olivier. Met three times and counting, most recently at last year's Cardiff Pride. Before that at the Nightingale and at Birmingham Pride 2006 (below).

This adherence to the rules is admirable. For the record, I have never met the other 25% of the celebs on tonight's show, TV presenter Julia Bradbury, but she looks like fun.

Phil's flat looks nice too.

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