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Double Treble Bubble!

The regular reader will be aware that legislation was passed at the start of last year which made it compulsory for producers of all reality TV programmes to make sure that at least one contestant is someone who I have either met or photographed (or both).

To that end, we saw the following previous encounters of Chig in these 2008 TV shows;

Amy Lamé in CelebAir
Heather Small in Strictly Come Dancing
Austin Drage in The X Factor
Simon Webbe in I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!
Steve Strange in Celebrity Scissorhands

You'll be delighted to know that I have now upped the ante and demanded that Celebrity Big Brother, which starts in about 15 minutes as I write this, will feature not one but TWO of my celebrity encounters. Hurrah! So, if the rumours are true, you'll be seeing someone who I rubbed bums with on national television in the early 1990s. Not this clip, but this person, on this programme. Yes, it's Terry Christian:

We'll hopefully also be seeing someone who I'd very much like to rub bums with now who I had a very cheeky, amusing conversation with in the dressing room of G-A-Y in 2002, before they performed on the same bill as Jessica Garlick's pre-Eurovision appearance. He's absolutely bloody lovely and I can't wait for this CBB to start. If it kick-starts his solo career once again, so much the better. We've waited three and a half years already for a follow-up hit to his #18 début single. It's about time we heard more from him than his tracks on Myspace. Welcome back, Ben Adams:

Happy New Year, by the way. I hope you made the most of that extra second of 2008.

UPDATE: Scrap all that. It's THREE! And I've had a meal with her ex-husband and ex-father-in-law too!


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