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Dullsville USA

I'm watching The X Factor. As I expected, this is the dullest one ever. Who ever thought that nine or ten Mariah bloody Carey songs would be interesting?


LATER: So, once again it's the early performers in the bottom two, and everyone is pretending to be surprised. (I'm watching The Xtra Factor on ITV2 now.) As I wrote last week (below), they keep skirting around the issue, being shocked that it was Ruth (performing second) and Laura (performing third) in the bottom two. Why are they surprised? Eoghan was on first and is clearly attracting the girly vote as he's the only young lad left. With Scott and Austin both gone, he has a better chance of hoovering up the votes, so he has escaped the curse of being on first, leaving Ruth and Laura to face the judges and now another of the favourites has gone.

Rachel was horribly out of tune tonight with her version of Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now). She wasn't brilliant last week either. It's about time she went.

Louis Walsh was talking crap at the end, once again. He said he had to vote someone off, but it wasn't true. He could have chosen Ruth to go and left the result in the hands of the public by taking it to deadlock. He didn't, so he must be enjoying the power trip. Don't feel sorry for him having to make a decision; he didn't have to do it. He evicted Laura because she was a threat to his group, JLS.

I hope we never, ever have to endure so many Mariah Carey songs in a row ever again. I love watching The X Factor, but this was the most yawn-inducing show they've ever had. Here's an idea. Spare us from theme weeks, determined by whoever's releasing an album in the Autumn schedules (cf. Britney, on The X Factor very soon) and just let the contestants sing songs in the styles that suit them. Then they'll feel more comfortable and produce better performances. They'll also be able to establish their own identities and we'll really get to know whether they have a future, like Leona Lewis, or whether they'll be a pointless winner who's going to be dropped after one number 4 album, like Leon Jackson.

I'm going out now, to see Austin Drage at the Nightingale, take a few photos of him and commiserate with him over being kicked out last week. It's the least I can do.


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