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Gone at last

About time too. The Big Brother producers removed the nasty, vindictive, manipulative Alex from the house after 20:00 tonight, without giving her a chance to say goodbye to the others. Not that C4 has any problem with her being nasty, vindictive and manipulative, of course. As we know from Charley last year, they're quite happy to offer platitudes to the regulators while keeping the appalling people in. But Alex has taken things one step too far, and certainly further than anyone else nominated for eviction has gone in any previous series. She actually made threats about what she would do to people who had nominated her once in the outside world. Now that IS threatening and horribly sinister. Thank goodness she's gone.

This week's eviction is cancelled, so how are they going to fill Friday night's programmes now? Like I care. I'll be at a wedding.

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