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BB9: First Impressions

An East Anglian-American albino, a blind Scottish radio producer, two refugees from different wars in Africa, a ginger rich kid 'executive chef', a motormouth trainee teacher, an arrogant student DJ, a Muslim teenage Mum, a crazy Thai massage therapist, a student who was in Popstars: The Rivals when she was 13, a geeky politics student, a Vicky Pollard gobshite Coventrian, a Catholic part-time model Mum and Big Brother's first couple, who have to pretend they're not.

What's not to love about Big Brother 9?

Oh, the dancing gay who looks like a pig. Never mind.

I think they saved the best 'til last. Kathreya from Thailand looks like great fun. She certainly had the best quote from the auditions; "I come from a good family, not a ping pong ball family." Class.

Presumably, Mario and Stephanie, who are pretending to be a couple, will have to sleep together in order to fool the others, while Lisa, the real partner of Mario (known to his Mum as Sean or Shaun) looks on in envy and keeps quiet. An intriguing start to the 93 day series. It's going to be a long Summer for some of them when Big Brother gets tough, with the Zero Tolerance policy towards rule-breaking. What fun!


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