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LoveShy - the early years

Here's an exclusive photo of LoveShy in early rehearsals for Eurovision - Your Decision. Very early in fact - I took this photo of CLEA (as they were then) at Bristol Mardi Gras in August 2005. They had already lost their C (Chloe) but they ignored the chance to become ALE. An opportunity missed. They performed their cover of 'We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off' on this here stage, which then stormed its way to number 35 three months later.

Lynsey has now left as well, so I think she's the one on the right. That leaves Emma and Aimee, but the name 'EA' is already taken by that games company, so they've called themselves LoveShy instead. I have already asked to be their friend on MySpace. Their song is very poppy and a bit electro, with some nice whooshy bits which sounded good when Scott Mills played about 10 seconds of it on Radio 1 yesterday.

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