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E-YD artists revealed, with bonus jingoism!

The BBC has announced the six lambs who have agreed to submit themselves to ritual slaughter in Belgrade by way of the new Eurovision: Your Decision programme on 1st March. They've managed to do this by including a totally uncalled-for bit of jingoism from Terry Wogan as well;
Let's hope that the British public will make the right decision this year, and give the UK's entry a fighting chance against the Eastern Bloc, in Belgrade in May.

I give up. Seriously. We were never going to get many points anyway, and the new format for Eurovision this year has made that even more certain. (I'll explain this another day.) But wait until this gets reported in the other 42 countries and we'll be finished. Fancy letting him say such a stupid thing. It's just a small step away from saying 'all the other countries are ganging up on us'. They will when this gets out, they certainly will.

World Of Chig's editorial team (music division) is currently going through the BBC press release with a highlighter pen and a blue pencil, so we'll be back later* with a pithy and informative analysis. (It says here.)

In the meantime, the contenders for the three face-offs are:

Andy Abrahams vs. Michelle Gayle
Rob McVeigh vs. Simona Armstrong
LoveShy vs. The Revelations

BBC Press Release
BBC News story
Eurovision - Your Decision homepage

* When we say later, we might mean tomorrow, as members of the team are feeling a bit poorly.

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