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Iceland, send this!

And we were doing so well.

I mean, the self-imposed 'no mention of the E word until December' rule was being strictly observed. It's usually Albania who set the ball rolling by choosing their Eu*ov*si*n song in their late December song festival. (It had been running for over forty years anyway, so when they joined Eu*ov*si*n in 2004, they decided to use the contest to pick their song and leave it in December. Who could blame them?)

This year though, we have been trying to ignore the fact that Iceland, for reasons best known to a handful of TV execs in Reykjavic, are already five weeks into their weekend heats to choose their song for Beograd/Belgrade.

Until this weekend, when this appeared. Welcome to 'Ho, ho, ho, we say hey, hey, hey' by Barði Jóhannsson. For some reason, this cannot be ignored. Brace yourself for the first World of Chig featured song of the (very long) Eurovision 2008 season. It's all downhill after this...

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