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Welcome to the washout

17:30 It's Birmingham Pride today, reduced to a one day event this year instead of the usual three day drinkfest, and it's a washout. The weather gods have frowned on Birmingham, just like last year, when only one of the three days was a decent day. Not only is it raining here, but it's also cold. I've just popped home after following the parade through the city centre in the rain, then huddling with the gently steaming masses in the Loft Lounge. I need to get some dry clothes on before going back later. It's miserable on the streets, with hardly anyone out. When we walked past the main stage about an hour ago, there was no one on and no one waiting for anything to come on either. I'll just go back for Scooch and Bjorn Again before tonight's main event; the Duckie club night, which should bring some much-needed enjoyment.

We did get Liberty X last night though at the Nightingale, just a few days after they announced that they are going their separate ways later this Summer. It was a bit of a coup in that respect; they were drafted in at the last minute to replace Right Said Fred, who decided they'd rather do a TV show in Germany. I wasn't complaining though. Liberty X did a great performance of all their hits, with live vocals for nearly all the songs (which I always like to point out as so many acts mime their whole PAs). They were thoroughly enjoying themselves and it really transmitted itself to the audience. I only got to speak to one of them afterwards, but it was Kevin, so that's another thing to tick off the list! I told him they were much better than Right Said Fred would have been.

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