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Tomorrow's Eurovision qualifier: Chig's hopes


If I had my way, this would be the order in which the songs finish tomorrow.
I've discovered, now I've put these in order of preference, that there are fourteen songs which I'd like to take the ten places in the final, so disappointment is inevitable here.

(Figures in brackets are the position in the running order.)

UPDATE on Friday 11/05/07:
Seven of my ten favourites went through, but not Malta. Once again, my preferences were more successful than my predictions. Once again, I remind myself that I should just go with my gut feelings and use my preferences as my predictions.

1st (20) Malta
2nd (01) Bulgaria
3rd (15) Serbia
4th (04) Belarus
5th (25) Slovenia

6th (03) Cyprus
7th (21) Andorra
8th (26) Turkey
9th (28) Latvia
10th (09) Moldova

11th (22) Hungary
12th (08) Switzerland
13th (12) Denmark
14th (06) Georgia
15th (10) Netherlands
16th (18) FYR Macedonia
17th (19) Norway
18th (05) Iceland
19th (27) Austria
20th (17) Portugal
21st (23) Estonia
22nd (14) Poland
23rd (24) Belgium
24th (07) Montenegro
25th (16) Czech Republic
26th (11) Albania
27th (13) Croatia
28th (02) Israel

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