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Today I am mostly...

...feeling very happy about my shopping choices yesterday. I couldn't really decide between six different styles of jeans that I tried on in Next, so I bought four pairs! Strangely, I had to buy a bigger waist size than all my previous jeans. Next clearly have them labelled wrongly. Ahem. They all came with belts though, in a variety of styles. Which is nice. I also bought three shirts, a pair of shorts, some socks and both physical formats of the Scooch single. Birthday money is nice. (The Scooch singles were racked almost at floor level in HMV, so their target audience should see them easily. I thought I'd make the joke before someone else does.)

...avidly reading the excellent Eurovision rehearsal reports on All Kinds Of Everything and OnEurope, and leaving comments. You're doing a smashing job lads! Keith has even been nice about the UK entry! I've almost given up reading ESC Today. You read their bland reports first and then read the blogs to get the true picture. It's almost as if ESC Today are afraid to criticise anyone. Perish the thought.

...visiting Schlagerboy A for a cuppa tea and a quick chat. He has been released from Finland on a brief 36 hour stay back in Blighty because the following conversation did not take place in a Birmingham school;

"Sorry kids, can you manage without your teacher for a whole week? I have to follow the Maltese Eurovision entrant around Helsinki."

"Okay sir. Have fun!"

He's back tending to the little darlings today and tomorrow before flying back to rejoin Schlagerboy D in Helsinki tomorrow. He'll be doing more flying than Dmitry Koldun at this rate.

...going bowling and eating tonight. Probably in new jeans. It's a Belgian friend's birthday today, so we have to give him one pleasurable night out this week, because he certainly won't be getting one on Thursday and he'll have nothing to cheer for on Saturday. We'll be with him for the Eurovision qualifier too, and if the word 'Belgium' comes out of one of those envelopes, then I will eat something unpleasant that's not a hat.

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