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They're off!

Eurovision starts today. Sort of. The media centre at the Haaaaartwaaaalll Areeeeenaaaa opens today. (See, Finnish is easy; you just add vowels.) Some of my chums are in Helsinki already and they will be registering today for the start of media conferences tomorrow. (Artist rehearsals start on Wednesday at 09:00 Helsinki time, with the Bulgarian epic.) For the first time since 2001, Chig isn't going to Eurovision, but oh boy, does he have something exciting planned for Saturday 12th! We are so moist with excitement that we are having to carry a mop around.

More on this on 3rd May, which is a VERY SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY. That's a clue.

In the meantime, let's laugh along with the superbly tacky official Scooch video, before we go and see them on Friday at the Nightingale:

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