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Having a Eurovision party?

For tonight, you'll have to make do with the BBC's version of a scoresheet, downloadable here.

However, for Saturday's final, I have already done a much better one (if I say so myself). It has the song numbers on it for a start, which you'll need in order to televote. Silly BBC. It also has all the flags and mini photos of all the artists. The only person who's seen it so far said "Wow!", so there you go. I've designed it for the Nightingale on Saturday, but I'll make it downloadable from here tomorrow, as soon as I've filled in the gaps with tonight's ten qualiifiers. I'm nice like that.

Have fun tonight if you're watching. This will be the first time I've seen the qualifier on TV. I've been in the hall for the last three and never bothered to watch them afterwards. I'm looking forward to the novel concept of casting a vote, and it will be going to Olivia Lewis from Malta, whatever happens. Bless her little cotton socks.

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