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Eurovision final night - what are you doing?

Today's the day that the Eurovision artists started rehearsing on the stage in Helsinki. It's also the tenth anniversary of the UK's last win, so it seems a good time to reveal what I'll be doing on the night of the Eurovision final.

On Saturday 12 May, Chig will be co-hosting Eurovision night at Birmingham's Nightingale Club, with the fabulous Miss Maxi and a performance from a certain Katrina Leskanich, celebrating her win of ten years ago today. Maxi and I will be your compères for an evening of watching the contest on the plasma screen upstairs, followed by Katrina performing later on in the massively improved downstairs, which reopened last Friday. The manager and the deputy manager are both away at a Nightingale venture in Gran Canaria (with Dana International and Buck's Fizz, no less), so Maxi and I have been asked to look after Katrina in their absence.

L: Chig at The Nightingale: Two Eurovision shows in two weekends.
C: Miss Maxi at last week's Nightingale reopening
R: Katrina

I'm not going to overplay our rôle. Basically it's three and a quarter hours of watching telly. Wogan does the commentary, not us, but get there well before the start at 20:00 and we will be whooping you up into a frenzy, ready for the Te Deum. There will also be, for the first time at the Nightingale, scoresheets! Yay! During the interval, we will tot up the scores and then reveal the Nightingale jury's vote. Fantastique!

The screening is in the B5 bar on the first floor. The Nightingale has already sold about 20 advance tickets, which I'm told (by the club today) is pretty unusual with over a week to go. I can't wait. I've never actually been 'out' on Eurovision night before. I've either watched it at home, first with family, then with friends, including Mike, or I've been at the event itself (seven times in the last nine years). I am very excited. If you're anywhere near Birmingham, why not come and join us? My sister's coming...

Tickets are available here.

In the meantime, here's a reminder of Katrina's winning performance in Dublin, ten years ago tonight:

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