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Scooch: the backlash is in full swing

From today's Popbitch mailing:

>> More bad news <<

Music industry collapse explained

A spokesperson for Warner Bros Records, "It's great that we've got Scooch, it's an exciting project and we have high hopes for the single. It would be great for Warners to have a Eurovision winner on the books".

After reading that, you would think that Warners would have put a bit of effort into the single, with a few remixes and of course the key change, which the song desperately needs for Eurovision. The key change will surely have been added after this petition. But no. A friend has a copy of the promo single and the key change is nowhere to be seen. This will cost the United Kingdom votes on 12 May. It's as simple as that.

On the HMV website, the single is there. Bog standard version plus karaoke version. What's the point? I mean really, what is the point of buying it? WHERE ARE THE BLOOMIN' REMIXES?

And relax.

To add insult to injury, the HMV e-mail robot knows me too well. "Based on your previous purchases, we thought you might enjoy this," says the HMV e-mail in my inbox today. Yes, they have e-mailed me about the Scooch single. Funny thing is, the e-mail say it's released on 30 April, but when you click through to the HMV website, it says 7 May.

No key change, no remixes, confusion over the release date, putting their prices up for club PAs. It's not looking good, is it?

All that could go wrong now is for Scooch to be banned from using the runway, which will be there, attached to the stage in Helsinki. The runway, as used to great effect at Making Your Mind Up, which maximises the impact of the line, "Your exits are here, here and here". Oh, bugger! We're doomed! Doomed, I tell you! Protest here!

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