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Warning! Campness overload!

No, not on here, although we have our moments. Scooch are on The Graham Norton Show tonight. BBC Two, 22:00. Some salty nuts, sir?

Whatever you do, DO NOT READ THIS PREVIEW on the Graham Norton Show's website, especially if you know the difference between 'England' and 'the United Kingdom'. It'll just bring on one of your turns. I'm in need of a lie down myself, after reading that, but not before I've posted my atlas to Graham Norton's 'people'.

UPDATE (after the programme): Hurrah! Scooch sang live on the show! Do you think they were trying to prove a point? (I don't know if there were hidden backing singers.) It wasn't perfect, but good enough, and it's good to get in a little live singing on TV before Helsinki.

Crucially though, it was much better than on Saturday, because the audience got it. They laughed at the funny bits and cheered at the flags. If only Graham's lively audience had replaced those mainly rather dull people in the MYMU audience on Saturday. (Bitter that we didn't get tickets? Moi?)

UPDATE: Friday afternoon. The mistakes on the Graham Norton link above have been corrected today, thanks to someone who saw this. Who said this blog was a complete waste of time?

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