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Dress you up

What the frock was going on in Georgia yesterday? You are about to see the most astonishing dress-based performance ever to hit the Eurovision stage, chosen last night by the people of Georgia as their first entry in the contest. But first, because the wonder of YouTube means we can, some context.

Youddiph, Russia's first entrant, made good use in 1994 of her very unusual dress, which Wogan refers to as "the frock of the contest".

In 2000, Linda Wagenmakers from the Netherlands took things a whole stage further, finding a new use for her dress, as storage space.

Yesterday, Georgia's débutant Sopho Khalvashi took this concept and ran with it. Prepare to be gobsmacked as you find yourself muttering 'what the hell is going on?' Is she a meringue? Is she a flower? Does she have terrible flatulence? Does she end up in a bed? Whatever it/she is, welcome to the party, my Georgian friends! I think you've grasped the concept of performance admirably. Let's just hope they're building a very high stage in Helsinki, or Sopho's beautiful face may be lost in the lighting rig.

Take a seat, brace yourself and press the 'play' button.

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