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A Song For Dervish

Tonight we are mostly...after Ugly Betty, of course....watching Ireland choose the song that folky group Dervish will perform at Eurovision.

It's on the webbynet here. Late, Late and Live!

The contenders are:

Song A: The Thought Of You - written by Matti Kallio.
Song B: Walk With Me - written by Stigg Lindell.
Song C: Until We Meet Again - written by Malachi Cush, Pam Sheyne, Martin Sutton and Don Mescall.
Song D: They Can’t Stop The Spring - written by John Waters and Tommy Moran.

I missed song A, but song B is a corker! That would do brilliantly in Helsinki. It's written by a Swede!
Song C was more upbeat, but less Eurovision.
Song D is also quite strong, with an interesting political lyric, sounding a little like a 1960s style protest song by Joan Baez.

Liam from the Hothouse Flowers is now performing their hit, Don't Go, which was part of Eurovision's interval act during the Irish occupation (of the Eurovision throne) in the 1990s.

They've now allowed an ex-presidential candidate from North of the border to grab the mic and sing. Yes, it's Dana Provincial, singing All Kinds Of Everything, her Eurovision winner from 1970.

Eimear Quinn's in the studio now, performing her inexplicable Eurovision winner, The Voice, so it's time to put the kettle on and visit the bathroom.

Wow! They're really on the ball. They've just played Denmark (the drag queen DQ, who was picked last Saturday), Norway and this year's winner, Malta, on VT. Now the Belarussian entry Dmitry Koldun is in the studio performing this year's runner-up, the lost Bond theme, Work Your Magik. Sounds good.

The Brotherhood Of Man are on now. No need to tell you which song. Still alive, still the original line-up.

Our host is now ringing Caroline, a possible winner of the car. (The vote hasn't been corrupted like last year by only voters for the winning song being able to win a car. This year, all voters, for any song, can win, which is as it should be.) She has to answer who sang All Kinds Of Everything in 1970. Given that Dana has been sitting there talking, it's no surprise that Caroline now owns a new car.

The host said 'ear piss', then corrected himself and said 'ear piece'. Snigger.

4th place: Song A
3rd place: Song B. Shame!

That's the two foreigners out of the way then. (The writers are a Finn and a Swede.)

And the winner is... Song D!

So, 60s-style protest song it is! This is a really unusual choice for a Eurovision entry by any country. It'll be intriguing to see how it does in the Eurovision final. (Ireland are straight into the final this year.) Latvia at least should give it some points; it mentions the country in the first verse. 'They Can't Stop The Spring' may not be such a popular title in Prague though, for the Czech Republic's debut year. (A joke for politics students there.)

"They may scare the blackbird, but they'll never stop him sing"

Take That are on the Late Late Show next week. Maybe we'll watch the webcast again.

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