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Last night I was mostly...

...watching the Nottingham leg of The X Factor on tour, with Mike, who has reviewed it in the local paper today. (It's online here.)

Due to some inexplicable box office mix-up, we were delayed going in. We weren't that bothered as we walked in late, just in time to catch Nikkita's last song. But then we found out from the girls in front of us that we had missed Eton Road. They'd been on first! Gutted. Never mind though, we'll catch them when they return at the end for whatever all the acts are going to do together. And Eton Road's Danny and David were compering the whole event, so we saw a lot of them.

Except there was no other appearance. Leona did her number one single at the end of her set. Flames, ticker-tape bombs, firework curtain, Leona leaves, lights up, bugger off. Thank you and goodnight. It was a terrible, anti-climactic ending to the evening.

So, I drove a one hundred mile round trip and still haven't seen little Anthony and the other one on stage. Bugger.

Still, I did recognise two of the dancers, as they were Turkey's dancers at Eurovision in Athens. I chatted to one of them on the phone afterwards and he revealed that the X Factor tour's choreographer is the same guy who choreographed the 'Superstar' routine for Turkey. It was still a good night out, even watching the desperate ones, and Leona was fantastic. I was entertained by the crowd too, almost as much as the singers at times, but I still can't believe we missed Eton Road.

Here's that Turkish routine again, because it's fabulous:

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