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Eurovision with attitude

What we didn't know, while we were happily watching the first Eurovision semi-final on Tuesday, was that there was 'pandemonium' in the commentators' area, because the feed from the arena back to the national broadcasters failed in many places. A sound desk failed in some way. This affected many countries, including Germany themselves, Ireland and Finland. These countries had no commentary for several songs. Many countries' commentators resorted to using their mobiles to phone in their commentary. My friend Juha said that watching German TV was like going back to the 1950s, with the phoned-in commentary. Scott Mills was less affected, because he was doing the BBC three commentary from London, which turned out to be a good move after all. Israel never have a commentator, so no one will have noticed anything untoward there.

I've heard that some commentators have gone back to their own countries for tonight's semi-final, to commentate from studios at home. They don't trust that it won't happen again.

Vorsprung Durch Technik.

As they've probably stopped saying now in Germany.

I covered it in my first article for attitude yesterday, which is available here.

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