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An apology

Blue turned up the UK and Irish fans' party last night, which was very good of them. I trouped in immediately after them, as the fifth member, and pretended the cheering was for me. Lee drank a pint of Guinness in about 15 seconds (above), while Duncan said what I was thinking and wondered how that might affect Lee's voice for Saturday. (We so depend on Lee's high notes in 'I Can', it's frightening.)

On the way in, Duncan very graciously apologised to me for the drunken conversation we'd had the night before. He said he'd been very drunk indeed.

Which was very nice of him, especially as we hadn't met the night before. We hadn't even been in the same venue. (I did tell him.)

Still, you can never have too much apologising from celebrities, I feel. And at least if proves that Mr James is a very polite young man, with a conscience. We like.

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