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Eurovision 2011 - song 3 chosen

Goodness only knows why Romania chose New Year's Eve to hold their televised musical extravaganza to select their song for Eurovision. Perhaps it's because they don't have Jools Holland or (many) Scottish people, so their Hogmanay is a bit shite. But they're not the only country in Europe lacking those New Year essentials, so who knows?

So, last night, while most of us* were knocking back copious amounts of Jim Beam bourbon, playing the hat game and receiving generic text messages from people we barely know, Romania chose this up-tempo song for Düsseldorf. Well, actually, the population of Romania chose a different song, putting this in second place, but the jury chose to ignore the public's choice and put this top instead, allowing it to win through the combined totals.

Eurovision 2011 - Song #3

Romania - 'Change' - Hotel FM

Now here's where it gets interesting. The band calling themselves Hotel FM (not the best name for a band, or indeed a radio station, unless you are actually a radio station in a hotel chain) has a singer from quite a remote part of Romania. So remote, in fact, that it's in County Durham. Yes, we have our first UK act in Eurovision 2011, as Romania's singer is from Newton Aycliffe. Davidius Bryanescu... sorry, David Bryan immediately elevates himself to become one of the town's most famous people, beaten only by fellow Eurovision entrant Cliff Richard, who lived there as a child when he moved from India, and Dr. Harold Shipman. These two have both committed serious crimes against humanity, so David stands a good chance of being better PR for the town. He was sent to Romania in 2002 as part of a cultural exchange with the UK, in which we got to keep the Cheeky Girls.

Here's a google map, showing the route that he almost certainly took from County Durham to Romania:

Hurrah for this exciting development, I say! We had a Welsher representing Cyprus last year. Why not an Englishman for Romania? (Not that it did Cyprus or Jon Lilygreen any good, as the UK gave him only 4 points in the semi-final and a big, fat nothing in the final.) But, the song's chirpy, upbeat and catchy, even if it could easily have been in the UK's A Song For Europe contest in the 1970s. David Bryan looks good, even in lilac braces. There aren't many men who can carry off that look. His voice, if that was really live in last night's show, must be very strong. We wish him all the best and, in the words of the still sadly unknighted Brucie, "You're my favourite"**.

* Actual experiences may differ from those shown.

** Of the three songs chosen so far.

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