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Down with this kind of thing!

Dear BBC,

I am outraged about last night's Eastenders. I didn't watch it, but as a few thousand people have complained about the cot death swap today, I thought I would join in. When I first heard that Samantha Janus had done something unspeakable on BBC TV and horrified the nation, I thought they'd shown a rerun of her performance in 1991's Eurovision Song Contest:

But no, she has done something almost as bad. She has taken part in a fictionalised drama about cot death. How dare the BBC take a situation that happens to thousands of people in real life and make a drama about it?! I can't imagine any other TV drama doing this. And fancy only giving people about six weeks since revealing the storyline. How is that enough time for people to remember to turn off their TVs if they might be upset? Down with this type of thing! Eastenders should apologise and then be discontinued.

By contrast, I watched an excellent drama last night and tonight, also on BBC One. You know, the Silent Witness story about the violent murder and necrophilic rape of a young girl. It was much more fun than that nasty Eastenders (which I didn't watch). You don't see people complaining about Silent Witness, do you?

Indignant of Middle England

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