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"It's the end of a decade..."

...sang Abba in their hardy annual treat, Happy New Year. So, as it's also the end of a decade today, what better excuse to post this version of the song? This video of Abba miming around a piano is from Swedish TV on New Year's Eve 1980 and it's apparently still shown on Swedish TV every NYE, just after midnight. The decade they were singing about was the 1970s, as the lyric makes it obvious that the song was written for the end of 1979, even though they didn't unleash it on us until nearly a year later, as an album track on Super Trouper in November 1980. Tonight we say goodbye to the first decade of the 21st century. Whatever you're doing, have fun, stay safe and Happy New Year!

I don't go for new year resolutions, as they are made to be broken, but I promise there will be more stuff on here over the coming months, even if it's only Eurovision stuff - and Romania are choosing their song tonight (when you'd think they would have better things to do), so there's a fair chance there'll be a post tomorrow, at least!

See you next decade!

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