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Eurovision 2011 - they're off!

I know what you were thinking as you sat in front of your telly tonight. 'Wow! Look at Rihanna's marvellous breasts and legs!' Well yes, many of us were thinking that. You were probably also thinking, 'It's been six months and thirteen days since the Eurovision final in Oslo. With barely five months to go before rehearsals start for the next one, isn't it time some countries chose their songs?

Thankfully, Switzerland stepped into the void tonight, beating Albania to the title of 'first song chosen' for a change. (Theirs comes up as usual around Christmas week.) So here it is. The first song chosen for Germany 2011. It's not like the Swiss even had the excuse that they needed to make great travel plans. They could easily walk to Düsseldorf. Look:

Eurovision 2011 - Song #1

Switzerland - 'In Love For A While' - Anna Rossinelli

I didn't watch tonight's Swiss TV show, in which this was chosen. I 'followed' it on facebook, through the medium of friends' comments, while watching The X Factor. Quite bizarre, but this is the modern way. On first hearing and viewing, I would file this under 'quite nice'. She seems like a good singer. The song seems quite catchy. Its simplicity is probably its great strength. In a weak year, this could get past the Eurovision semi-final. In a strong year, probably not. We'll just have to wait and see. Only 40 more songs to go.

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