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Eurovision 2011 - song 2 chosen

When we're planning our activities for the 25th of December, who can honestly say that they haven't thought; 'What would really make my Christmas night is for us to hold the final of our national song contest and decide what we're sending to Eurovision'? Admit it, you've often thought that, while flicking through the Christmas Radio Times and considering watching Doctor Who, Strictly Come Dancing and The Royle Family. Again.

Ladies and gentlemen, in Albania, dreams can come true. As there's nothing else on, tonight they picked this 'song' (in the loosest sense) for Düsseldorf. It's not making any impression with me, apart from her looking like a P!nk fan 'stroke' dominatrix from Lesbania, but let's not rush to judgement. Knowing Albania's recent Eurovision history, this will be revamped, remixed and relinguified (a word I just made up, but which seems entirely appropriate) before it appears as some disco stomper in English on the Eurovision stage. We can but hope.

Eurovision 2011 - Song #2

Albania - 'Kënga Ime' - Aurela Gaçe

Me, I'm just hoping that her surname might be pronounced 'gash' in Albanian. That's how puerile I am.

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