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Mother Russia calling

Eurovision 2009 starts today, as the first Moscow rehearsals kick off this morning! Chig couldn't afford to go, but the usual suspects have made it, thankfully.

I heartily recommend that you spend the next two weeks reading the rehearsal blogs at OnEurope and All Kinds Of Everything. Work and other pressures mean there won't be a fat lot about Eurovision here on World Of Chig this year, but those two blogs by people I know kept me thoroughly entertained in 2007 when I last didn't go to the contest. I'm sure they'll be doing the same thing again.

There's plenty to read there already, including a picture of the OnEurope team's toilet, should you be concerned about their sanitation. Annoyingly, they're saying it's not that expensive in Moscow. As the money was the main reason for me not going, this is slightly galling. Hey ho. Let battle commence! Can anyone beat Norway's Belarussian to the Eurovision crown? The bookies think that only Greece can challenge Alexander Rybak. It's not worth betting on either of them. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a Bosnia-Herzegovina win instead, because the song deserves it and Sarajevo will be a whole lot cheaper than Oslo next year. We'll see over the next fortnight. Excited!


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