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If it really is her time, someone had better tell UK music buyers

The physical release of Jade Ewen's 'It's My Time' was supposed to have been this week, but it's been postponed to next Monday instead, obviously so they can put 'Eurovision 2009 winner' stickers on the CDs. The download was released on iTunes though. As physical sales only account for around 2% of singles sales nowadays, the delayed CD release shouldn't be preventing Jade from storming the charts on Sunday then, should it?

Let's see how the Radio Edit has been doing in the iTunes chart so far this week.

By Sunday night: made #93
By Monday night: fallen to #110
By last night: up to #68

Wednesday night: up to #62
Thursday night: up to #59
10:00 Friday morning: up to #52
Friday night: up to #43 on iTunes, but now appearing in the official chart's midweeks (up to Thursday night) at #69.

Not exactly setting the world on fire, is it? If Polydor/Universal had released the song as a download in March, when Jade won Eurovision: Your Country Needs You, it would easily have gone top 5 on the back of the TV exposure and, with the way singles sales work these days, it would still be hanging around and having a resurgence now. I expect it will go much higher than #68 eventually but still, an opportunity wasted. So far.

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