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Her time, it's her time!

It's Day 7 of Eurovision rehearsals in Moscow. So much is happening today.

Vladimir Putin has just paid a visit to the media centre and France's Patricia Kaas has produced a standing ovation with her first rehearsal, turning up the heat considerably on the favourites who have emerged so far.

Most of the 37 countries in the semi-finals have now finished their two rehearsals each, with the rest finishing tomorrow. This just leaves the Big 4 and hosts Russia to cram in both of their rehearsals this weekend, before the public dress rehearsals for the semis start on Monday and the real thing starts on Tuesday night. (Note to UK: we are voting in TUESDAY'S semi-final. I have to tell you this because the BBC can't be bothered. Have you seen any trailers yet?)

France is the first country of the five to rehearse. Jade is due on at 13:40 UK time, but they're running a little late, so check out OnEurope and All Kinds Of Everything some time after 14:00 for immediate reactions. I've been lapping up both of them all week. The seven people involved are doing a great job between the two blogs.

By coincidence, the UK's first rehearsal today, 9th May, comes on the eleventh anniversary of Birmingham hosting the contest, which must mean it's the first time it's fallen on a Saturday since then. We must be on a repeat of the 1998 calendar this year.

9th May is also Europe Day, and Moscow has a huge military parade to celebrate victory in Europe in WWII, which is why friends in Moscow were rather disturbed earlier in the week when the tanks trundled into town below their apartment! Their photos are here on OnEurope.

We'll be celebrating and previewing tonight, when the Schlagerboys are holding a pre-Eurovision party at the Wellington here in Brum. They'll be imposing their mp3 collection on a willing audience, before they fly out for a fleeting visit to Moscow next weekend. It should be schlagertastic!

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