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200 years ago today, Abraham Lincoln was born. But I'm not going to write about him.

On the very same day, 49 miles from where I am now, in Shrewsbury, Charles Darwin was also born. I don't know if he ever met Abraham Lincoln.

About 170 years later, Chig was taken to a youth club hall in Warwick with his classmates to watch a cine film about the Galapagos Islands and became fascinated by turtles. And evolution. Sadly, the idea hasn't caught on everywhere and there are still people who think we are all descended from a couple who wore fig leaves, ate apples and spoke to snakes. Dinosaurs were invented by Steven Spielberg and fossils are things made by odd people called archaeologists who are really potters, making fossils out of clay and pretending that they dug them out of the ground. Whatever.

You may think the theory of evolution is complicated, but no. In a nutshell, Darwin explained how we developed from this... this...

If you're wondering how that happened, it's neatly explained in this documentary by the well known scientists, Basement Jaxx:

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