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Eurovision winner chosen tonight?

Norway did the right thing tonight and chose the song that was already becoming a hot favourite to win Eurovision in Moscow, even before tonight's Norwegian final had been held! 'Fairytale' by Alexander Rybak (pronounced Roo-bak) won that final tonight by a monstrous margin; over 5:1 over the song in second place. As soon as the bookies open the odds, he will be right there as favourite and Eurovision will end up next year in Oslo, another city that's too damn expensive, which is the only downer.

Here's Alexander Rybak's performance in his heat two weeks ago.

He's cute and knows how to work the cameras. He wrote the song himself, sings it well and plays the fiddle. The song is instantly catchy, with universal appeal, being a bit poppy and a bit folky. There's an act to go with it, but not too much to distract from the song. But here's the clincher; Alexander was born in Minsk, capital of Belarus, so he has the advantage of being an Eastern European by birth, representing the Western country who came fifth last year. It's a done deal, and the only way I'll be happy to vote for a Belarussian until they discover the joys of democracy and human rights. As far as hosts Russia are concerned, if they can't win again themselves, their puppet state Belarus would be the favoured option, and the next best thing would be a Belarussian representing another country. Job done. Everyone's a winner!

'Fairytale' has already reached number one in Norway; the first time a song from the Eurovision selection has topped the chart before the final, apparently.

The Schlagerboys are in Norway this weekend for the final. They managed to get in early by meeting Alexander and putting this photo on their facebook profile last night.

Alexander looks a little bit scared, but they had already interviewed him (in writing). He clearly knew which buttons to press, bless him, and he has the best closing message ever.

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