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Ooh, controversial!

My scores in tonight's Your Country Needs You:
(Out of 25, as determined by Jon, whose scores are here.)

16.5 Emperors of Soul
21.5 Mark
14 Charlotte
19 Damien
16 The Twins
20.5 Jade

In other words, my rankings were:

1 Mark
2 Jade
3 Damien
4 Emperors of Soul
5 The Twins
6 Charlotte

The highlighted two ended up as the bottom two after the televote, so who does Andrew Lloyd Webber decide to dump? The one I had as third and Jon had as second. The one with the stronger voice and a lot of performance experience. Instead, he keeps the one we both had in last place and the youngest in the competition, saying she has the potential to go on a journey, while admitting that Damien would have been a safe pair of hands for Moscow. I'd like Charlotte to go on a journey. A journey home.

Have I misunderstood the whole thing? I thought we were looking for the safe pair of hands? This isn't 'potentially talented teenager' night. It looks like ALW wants Eurovision in Moscow to be amateur night. (Charlotte won't win though. She'll be gone sooner, rather than later.)

It's all about Jade or Mark now. No one else will do. Do you hear me, UK public? NO ONE ELSE, OKAY?

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