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Mini shocker

Verne has only come fourth in CBB! It looks like he was such a certainty to win that not enough people bothered to vote. The bookies will be laughing. All that money and no payouts.

Oh hell, with Coolio, Terry and Ulrika left, I fear that Coolio will win.
Still time to vote for Terry...

[Later] Phew! It's okay. Coolio's third. I should have had more faith in C4 viewers. The people who voted for Shilpa Shetty to win were never going to let the nasty man win.

Ulrika and Terry left. Happy with that. I hope Terry Christian has won though. He has entertained me and kept my attention because he has ensured that this run has had something which was completely absent from last Summer's Big Brother: conversation. His journalistic background and his love of music have made me feel like I'm watching a kindred spirit.

Note to producers: If you have people in the Big Brother house who have enquiring minds, you will find that they ask questions. Questions equal conversations equal absorbing telly. Please bear this in mind as you continue the casting process for BB10.

[Even later] I'm stunned. Not that I have anything against Ulrika, but I didn't think she was popular enough to win and she has spent a fair amount of on-screen time being miserable. Good on her.

Eurovision 1998 Host Wins Celebrity Big Brother!

There's always a Eurovision connection...


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