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Michelle, ma belle

The clearout of the women from Celebrity Big Brother continues, with the eviction of Michelle Heaton tonight. That's four women gone, with Lucy, Tina and Michelle evicted and Mutya walking on Friday night, while the male cohort remains intact.

I must say I really, really like Michelle and would happily spend a night up the Bigg Market with her if she asked nicely. I've met her ex-husband twice, and had a meal with him and Michelle's ex-father-in-law, so we'd have plenty to chat about. I would have preferred 'Eureka' Jonsson to go at this point, as would Ulrika herself. Michelle seemed to be enjoying herself and she clearly watches and understands Big Brother. She has been such good fun when she hasn't been crying and I think she restrained herself very well with irritating Coolio and his almost relentless teasing. I've particularly enjoyed Michelle's late night conversations with Ben, as they both lay in their (separate) beds. They've made me laugh a lot.

Farewell, Michelle. Here's a picture I took of her at another or her farewells; the billed 'final' Liberty X performance, at Birmingham's Nightingale club in May 2007 (except it wasn't). She won't thank me for this or the lack of red eye reduction (click on it to see the full devil's eyes), but she was on the other side of the stage from me for most of the performance and, inexplicably, most of my photos of the group that night seem to feature Tony and Kevin. Bewildering.

The lines have now opened for us to decide who wins Celebrity Big Brother. It seems so obvious that it will be Verne Troyer, that my plans to remortgage the house voting for Ben are in need of revision. It seems a little pointless now. Oh well, he's my winner anyway.

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