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Does your country really need you? Are you absolutely sure?

"This means everything to me."

"I've been on a journey and I don't want it to end now."

"Singing for the UK in Eurovision is all I've ever dreamed of."

"My life will be meaningless if I don't get through tonight."

"Singing is my life. I don't know what else I could do."

"My dog died this week and so did my grandma. Please vote for me."

Ah yes, Chig is bracing himself for anything from slight optimism to crushing despair from 18:40 tonight, as we reach the first live show and elimination from our Eurovision search, Your Country Needs You. After last week's preview show did a fine job in lowering expectations, before coming up with six acts that ended up looking like The X Factor on the cheap, with none of them looking brilliant and none with any experience of TV or huge halls, things can only get better tonight. At least we have Lulu on hand, which makes a change from John Omnipresent Barrowman.

It will also be interesting to see if anyone has told Andrew Lloyd Webber the difference between the UK (which enters Eurovision every year) and 'Britain' which never has, but which he mentioned at every opportunity in last week's filmed show. Similarly, has anyone asked his 'Miss Moneypenny' assistant where 'The Ukraine' is? I've never heard of it, but that's what she called Ukraine last week. (What was it those Russian fans said about us not taking it seriously? Our national broadcaster not knowing the names of the countries taking part rather proves their point, does it not?)

My preparations have not been as extensive as my friend Jon's. I highly recommend watching this. (Stick with it - it's not just him sitting down and talking.)

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