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The Boxer

It's not every night you get to walk the red carpet at a film première, watch a really good new film and then get to meet one of our Olympic gold medallists, but that's exactly what happened to me last night. I've been in a really good mood today because of it all. (Well, I was until we were all told at work today that we're not getting any pay rise this year, but that's another matter.)

I'm still getting over the thrill of shaking the hand of boxer James DeGale (above), who won team GB's final gold medal in Beijing. I'm pretty sure I've never shaken the hand of an Olympic gold winner, let alone one as powerful as his. (He didn't have the vice-like handshake that I was expecting; it was all quite normal.) I watched his final rounds from Beijing last Summer, so it was good to have a little chat with him as well.

Anyone who follows sport, or watched the Olympics, or listens to Five Live, knows already what a friendly and polite young man James DeGale is, but it still took two bottles of Sol before I plucked up the courage to speak to him at the party we attended last night, and he was chatty and charming. I was in Bed at Gatecrasher with my friend Sarah, which sounds saucy, but that's the name of the club within a club! We had both attended the Midlands première at Cineworld next door of a film called Clubbed, thanks to my friend Phil who is doing the PR for the film. We were gatecrashers at Gatecrasher. Clubbed hits screens across the country this Friday. I'll review the film tomorrow, as it's well worth a few words and worth seeking out, if you get chance. You'll have to see it in the next few days though. This ain't no Mamma Mia - it won't be around as long and it requires a stronger stomach.

Have a look at the trailer below, or the official Clubbed website here. I'll tell you more tomorrow.

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